The programs of our Cooperative will be developed according to the necessities of projects introduced by our partners.

They are separated under different professional profiles inside the projects of professional education in the framework of LdV.

The contents of our programs depend on some factors described in the diagram:

Project of Partner

    • Target Placement of Exchange
    • Content of Project
    • Aims and Goals
    • Budget
    • Students or Experts
    • Summary of Projects
    • Expected Results
    • Activities: Culture, visits, lectures, leisure
    • Developement of Program
    • Developement of Stage

Formative modul of Program Developement

  • Title of the Project
  • Sector of Intervention
  1. Aims of the project (which competences must be imparted and why); Descriptive part.
  2. Beneficiaries (situation, assistant value of this formation and advantage for consumers).
  3. Formative part; List and short description of theoretical knowledge to divide in:
    • Social and cultural competences (knowledge of territory, of Italian situation tied up to the sector, language lessons);
    • Specific technical competences (description of theoretical activities, lessons and lectures);
    • Technical-operative competences (didactic visits and their aims; internship if requested, and generic description of internship enterprises).
  4. Description of application methodology (role of the alternation between theory and practice, work-shops or other forms of planning if requested, description of final products and evaluation of the realized internship), system of monitoring and assistance; intermediate evaluations (for assessment of form and contents) and ex post.
  5. List of cultural and leisure activities that could be inserted in the program.

Training courses for LdV - Placement

Young people in initial training

Young workers in lifelong training

Students at the last year of their professional school

All Courses are structured in:

  • Theoretic lectures
  • Practice lectures
  • Internship
  • Didactical visits
  • Teamwork und Communication (NLP)
  • Skill oriented learning processes
  • Monitoring und Evaluation
  • Certification through the EUROPASS

In the following sectors (Course length from 3 weeks up to 3 months):


  • Sommelier
  • Waiter /tress
  • Maitre
  • Restaurant manager
  • Pasta production
  • Olive oil
  • Barmen
  • Pizzaioli "Pizza makers"
  • Icemaker


  • Wine production;
  • Olive oil production;
  • Organic growing of local typical products (olives, grapes, Roman grain, etc.);
  • Internships in organic farms


  • Sustainable tourism
  • Course for Hotel management;
  • Course for Hospitality and Accommodation in Italy;
  • Course for Sustainable tourism in National Parks and protected areas;
  • Course for the start-up of sustainable tourism businesses;
  • Course for waiters
  • Course for barman
  • Course for pizzeria's managers
  • Course for restaurant management

Building construction

  • Bricklayers
  • Building Constructors in some in-site dockyards
  • Wood-working
  • Furniture refurbishing
  • Upholstering

Metal - Working

  • Blacksmiths
  • Metalmeccanic - workers

Refreshes courses for all operators: Ldv - Exchange

Experts and trainers in a given field: Vocational Schools and High schools, Training Centres, Teachers at University Degree courses, Political decision-makers and representatives for local authorities.

In the following sectors (Course length: 2 or 4 weeks):

Sustainable tourism implementation plan

  • Sustainable development of rural areas;
  • Sustainable tourism in National Parks and protected areas;
  • Start-up of sustainable tourism businesses;
  • Hospitality and Accommodation in Italy.

Sustainable tourism itinerary plan development

  • Sustainable tourism;
  • Sustainable development of rural areas;
  • Sustainable tourism in National Parks and protected areas;
  • Sustainable tourism businesses.


Building construction - General Handcraft




Methods of Innovative Teaching and Training